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" The No Bloodshed video offers the right blend of discussion, interactive example, and comprehensive review of crash dynamics to truly capture the imagination of our young peoplein a manner that most instructional videos do not. It also bypasses the customary and chronically overused technique of fear and dread precipitated by graphic detail that is all too common in driving videos specifically. Modern youth are exposed to so much violence now, that often bloody scenes distract from the important safety messages rather than reinforcing them.

(This video) offers a superior teaching methodology of variety, humor, demonstration, and music that is specific to its target audience of teenagers. The Traffic Safety Bureau of the Highway and Transportation Department reported a 61% increase in teen deaths in car crashes in 2002 in comparison to 2001, so obviously more education is needed."
- John McPhee, Childhood Injury Prevention Coordinator, NM Department of Health

"Clever, humorous, and above all, educational. It definitely captured by students' attention. Great work."
- Vladi Stanojevic, Driver's Ed., El Dorado High School, Albuquerque, NM

"Your experts are well-informed, diverse and articulate. The use of humor to re-enforce what they have presented is effective. Doofus Clueless is destined for greatness. The various clips of collisions, impacts and wheelchairs are sobering and thought provoking. The information presented is accurate and easily undrstood. Thanks for your commitment to ke our teens alive and healthy."
- Bryan Charlton, Defensive Driving Instructor, La Cueva High School, Albuquerque, NM


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No Bloodshed: the High Road to Understanding Driving Danger.  Blue Canyon Productions.  $19.95  Ages 12 up.
A driving safety video with a bit of a twist:  no bloodshed (as per the title).  Relying on the laws of physics and  advice from health experts, this humorous, but thought-provoking production will drive the point home.

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