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Regarding seeing FACES in THINGS
This phenomenon in science is called "Pareidolia"

Here is a Wikipedia article on it, if you are interested.

Hope you enjoyed "I SEE THE FACE OF JESUS" -
which is probably what brought you here


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Fascinating sound clips and soul-nourishing content."

- Bill Hutchison, staff writer, Santa Fe Reporter

About Max Wieczorek's "Head of Christ"

Detail of bottom of poster:

How and why we came to offer you this strange, striking, hard-to-find portrait is a long story which we won't get into here.
    But here are a few commentaries about it:

"(This portrait) interprets the 'Man of Sorrows' as a vital, yet tender intellectualist of the highest order of his race. A strong, high forehead, firm mouth and determined jaws, sensitive nostrils, and deep, wide-set eyes--eyes that look far--almost challenging in determination--yet deep with sadness and disappointment. He sees humanity centuries ahead. What a tragic vision of a man whose one desire was to leave us with the secret of his law of life..."
     -Everett Maxwell

Two-color poster of Max Weiczorek's rare and mysterious portrait, "Head of Christ," printed on quality cover stock. The model remains unknown, but the effect of this painting is unmistakable. On 93# poster stock.
Size 8-1/2" by 12"  
(limited quantity remains)


"(The Masters) all painted a Christ but none of them painted The Christ. Max Wieczorek has come the nearest to giving us a portrait of my conception of The Christ, of any artist who has ever
ventured into this difficult realm."
      -Rev. Elmer Ellsworth Helms

"Weiczorek's Christ is one with whom every man, sometime, must come to terms. There are challenge and winsomness in that face, and also judgment and eternity there. One forgets that Oriental tunic under the gaze of those modern eyes. He is not of yesterday, but of today--of now. And there is no dismissing him. He will be equally of tomorrow also. It is impossible to evade or escape him. One must come to terms with him."
     -The Christian Advocate

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