Jim Terr film projects at various stages of development - late 2014
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Little-known “film town” may spawn Iraqi-American film alliance
(December 14, 2014)

 Suhail Aldabbach

Suhail Aldabbach
was seen regularly on TV and in films in the Arab world, and made a indelible impression on international audiences when the film in which he had a riveting, startling scene, THE HURT LOCKER, won the “Best Picture” Oscar for 2010. Aldabbach played “Black Suit Man,” a reluctant suicide bomber desperate to be disarmed, in a largely improvised, heartbreaking scene which few who saw the film will ever forget.

But the Iraqi actor and his wife and four children were already en route to the USA to make a new life, and recently became US citizens. Aldabbach has had a few film roles since moving to New Mexico, but has made his living as a cook, and expresses no resentment about his lost “status” as a film actor.

See article: “War zone to Albuquerque: Seeking a normal Life” http://www.abqjournal.com/143744/upfront/war-zone-to-albuquerque.html

But Aldabbach’s cameo roles in a few prospective feature films in development by New Mexico writer/producer Jim Terr, may re-launch his acting career in a new direction. He has a key role in one almost-completed feature film, “A Chicken in Every Garage”, a mystery/comedy based on Terr’s run in the 2012 US presidential primary in Arizona.

The film also features cameos from such celebrities as humorist Dave Barry, National Public Radio host Scott Simon, author and “outed” US spy Valerie Plame Wilson, journalist James Fallows, “Firesign Theater” veteran Philip Proctor and others. Terr lives and produces in the small town of Las Vegas, New Mexico, which ironically has been the location for hundreds of feature films, including “Red Dawn” and Oscar winner “No Country for Old Men.”

See Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Las_Vegas,_New_Mexico#Films

Terr is both a feature film and documentary producer, with over one million views of his videos on YouTube.com. He is also an accomplished and well-recognized singer/songwriter, who has had original songs in other feature films, and nationally broadcast advertising jingles. He is also an actor, with a role most recently in the 2012 Dutch film, “Jackie”, starring Oscar winner Holly Hunter.

Although Terr says he “will always be a low-budget or at least economical producer,” he has gotten investment in a couple of the current projects from some significant media figures, and hopes to form a consortium with some Middle Eastern investors or media companies who understand his direction and intentions for “bridging cultures” with the films.

Websites for the film projects – most of which include Aldabbach – include links to teaser trailers for the films:

A CHICKEN IN EVERY GARAGEwww.AChickenInEveryGarage.com

(based on the building in New York City where many legendary rock-era songs were written):  www.BrillBuildingMovie.com

(based on Terr’s home town, the lesser-known, but original and very “movie-active” Las Vegas, New Mexico):  www.HolidayInVegas.com

: www.HamstersFilm.com

Terr has licensed one additional film property whose sampler does not yet include Aldabbach, a “modern Gothic psychological horror story” by author Allison Dickson called “Consumption: A Trilogy of Obsession”: www.ConsumptionFilm.com

Other projects whose teaser/trailers do not yet include Aldabbach:


THE HOME OF KATIE ARCHER (Historical drama produced for radio):  www.KatieArcher.net

FACEBROOK: www.FacebrookFilm.com

THE QUICKENING: www.quickeningfilm.com

AMERICAN SKIFFLE: www.AmericanSkiffle.com


For more information:
Contact Jim Terr, preferably by email: bluecanyon2@newmexico.com
          (phone: 505-426-6612)