Thank you for your participation in BuDDy's Holiday Haiku Contest

Here are the winners! Each receives an autographed copy of BuDDy's CD!

BuDDy sez: "Thank yall very much, we just wanna be yuor freind Love BuDDy,"

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E.B. - somewhere in Arkansas

One man one woman
Sixty-nine ways to avoid
Having any kids 


My tribute to BuDDy:

His brother wuz worse.

T.L. - Connecticut I think

Architect for years
Laughs at us between cold beers
We bring him to tears

BuDDy’s blind optimism, unconditional love and kindness, has catapulted my faith into new heights with prospects of hope and adventure, as we enter into our final chapter of human existence. It’s a comfort knowing that as Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death fast approaches, BuDDy will be riding high on his pale bison, guitar in hand, seven bottles of Milwaukee's Best, seven bags of Lays chips, and seven Nekkid friends to bring us 2000 years of peace in a big old hot tub. God Bless us EVERYONE….but especially BuDDy.

B.C. - Mexico

Time screams, “You are old!”
and makes you crazy. I am
Still crazy for you

Before I encountered BuDDy my life was barren, desolate, devoid of love or hope, a wasteland of depression, self-absorbed misery and despair.  BuDDy changed all that. His vast insight into and embracing of the infinite possibility in all of us touched me where no one has touched me before.  BuDDy opened my eyes to a world of beauty, symmetry , peace, understanding, connectedness, compassion and, above all, love. BuDDy cannot be explained, only experienced.

In the BuDDy experience whole new worlds burst open and transform the darkest of dark thoughts into exploding spirit bombs of creative energy infusing every atom of being with the gift of life and love. Don’t be fooled by the package, the charming beer gut, singing off key, and a tawdry wardrobe. Peel away the first impressions and experience your own inner BuDDy though the magic of the living BuDDy who walks, talks, sings and dances among us NOW. Don’t wait for the second coming. BuDDy is here, right now, with you and in you as the fulfillment of all your dreams.

G.S. - Santa Fe, NM

Peeking over stall
Your hands obscure my vision.
Please turn more this way.

Listening to your CD, laughing, tapping my toes and feeling real good. So thank ya very much BuDDy. Ya do good work, bringing a smile to peoples' lips, making the world a little bit brighter. Even more efficient than gett'n nakked with forty people in a hot tub.

L.J.T. - Santa Fe, NM

Under 35?
BuDDy wants to comfort you
In your hour of grief.

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E.K. - Santa Fe, NM

Breeze makes me shiver
I stand open to the sky
Cool to be bare-assed

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