Like Real Estate and 1955 Mercedez-Benz 220SE Cabriolets,
they aren't making them anymore . . .

Only one jacket left!  
Size small (equivalent to ladies' medium) 

We have located 24 of the last version of the famous Lee "Storm Rider" jackets available anywhere, to the best of our knowledge. These are brand-new and, we believe, the last batch manufactured by Lee. We have approximately a dozen "Small Regular" (meaning Small Men's) and a dozen Regular (meaning Regular Men's) (no Large). Our "Small" is approximately a woman's "Medium."

They are, specifically, "Lees Dungarees," the last version (again, to the best of our knowledge) of the classic Lee Storm Rider jacket.

All around the world, these beautiful jackets are treasured as keepsakes of an era of American quality and Western freedom. An Internet search revealed a price of 168,000 yen ($1,360) for an original used "Storm Rider!"

The lining of our jackets (originally wool) are polyester and acrylic, and the sleeve linings are nylon.

The denim thing has, of late, been getting out of hand. In both Tokyo and London vintage denim with the "right" stitching, rivets and purist hallmarks-identifiable only by the tragically hip and terminally anal-can change hands for the price of a new Porsche. This, quite simply, silly. Old things can be very nice, but new ones are often better. Very occasionally fairly old things that have stayed the course and continue to be produced without too much gratuitous tinkering with the original blueprint, are better still.

Enter, then, the Lee Storm Rider denim jacket. The world is full of denim jackets and, as you probably own a couple of them yourself, you may well wonder what this one has got that the others haven't. Well, aside from more authenticity, quality, value for money and dirty realism than you could poke the proverbial stick at, it also has the added bonus of A History. The typically discerning ARENA reader is unlikely to be persuaded to choose his denim purely on the basis that someone
stratospherically famous has been

here and done it before him, but it still counts for something. Dean, Marilyn and JFK all owned Storm Riders.

Perhaps a suitable ad copy line should read: TERMINALLY HIP-wear Lee, Die Young, Be An Icon. That should shift a few. Marketing pitches aside, the Storm Rider is an inherently attractive item of clothing. Celebrating its sixtieth birthday next year, it has worn well. Few Garments should be able to carry off the twin style burdens of gritty, Steinbeckian, Depression-era,utilitarian Americana, twinned with glitzy fast-lane Hollywood excess, but the Storm Rider copes without compromising the mythology of either. High Plains Drifters from Dundee to Des Moines appreciate its rugged, Marlboro country appeal: the horse blanket lining, corduroy collar, quilted inner sleeves, sturdy rivets and more stitching than seems entirely necessary or cost-effective. A straight-talking garment for these no-nonsense times, the Storm Rider is, frankly, the definitive denim jacket. (Kathryn Flett, ARENA Magazine)

Our jackets are available for $225 each, hand-delivered in Santa Fe or shipped by ground parcel service within the Continental U.S. (please provide a street address).

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Please note this detail photo of the jacket we're offering, and please note that the collars of some jackets are slightly lighter in color than those shown in these photos.

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