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"An alternative to Hill and Bill"

Just holding the place, holding the thought,
holding the names, for a "dream ticket."

Recent press on this very idea!!

WHY OBAMA? Experience, intelligence, character, a willingness to call people out, a good heart, and a focus on a FABULOUS idea (the idea that this world can work for everyone, and that the US can be a force for justice and good instead of domination, exploitation and chaos)
Testing the Waters, Obama Tests His Own Limits

Experience, intelligence, character, a good heart, and a focus on something very important (the radical idea that people who "work hard and play by the rules" should be able to afford a home, food, health care and education for their kids. Kind of like your parents -- hopefully -- were able)
Edwards/Obama trounce Hillary in Iowa poll


*A NOTE ON INTELLIGENCE: Intelligence without curiosity is not intelligence.
I happen to think The Current Occupant is smart in many ways--
probably smarter than average -- but his admitted lack
of curiosity ("My staff presents me with the the information
and the alternatives
and I'm The Decider") has caused
disaster on enough fronts to last us for decades!

**Note that these are not the sort of feel-good, focus-group-selected
positions designed to be popular -- in fact, they are
certain to provoke opposition -- but they are rather
matters of personal conviction and core belief.

"HOW ABOUT HILLARY?" We've already got a president who will never admit
a mistake, and I couldn't stand another one. Hillary's excuse that she'd not
have voted to let GWB go to war "if she'd had the correct information" is lame.
She should have known he was lying and what he was up to, as millions did.
If her BS detector is that weak, she shouldn't be President.
And a bit of a pimp on ethanol and God knows what else.

Would probably do a good job; sharp guy. (See note below)

Brought to you by Jim Terr, always the dreamer
(though I never dreamed we'd win the House and Senate!)

but this bit of artwork is too good not to share:

Courtesy of artist Alex Ross (c)

might as well share this recent piece which has gotten some nice exposure:



Apart from the issue of whether a soul
Ever peruses this sweet doggerole
Or whether it bugs 'em or cheers 'em at best
It's something I must now get off of my chest.

Back in the winter of 2003
A big bunch of cynics and lefties like me
Had the good sense, upon brief self-reflection,
To turn on their sensors for b.s. detection

And see that the claims of the WMDs,
The claims of a cakewalk that would be a breeze,
Of a war to stop terror right there in its tracks,
Was a vinegar enema given by quacks.

I watched for three years as the chaos ensued,
While soldiers in caskets all red, white and blue'd
Returned, while excuses for why we were there
Were floated and bloated and vanished in air,

While billions were stolen or frittered away
On projects with virtue (and some just for pay),
The madness, the mourning, the suicide bombs,
Til now most Iraqis would rather Saddam!

So now that you Bushies are finally waking
To the reaming you've gotten, the lying, the faking,
Think for a moment of the buckets of tears
Of we who have watched this for FOUR FRIGGIN' YEARS!!

©Jim Terr www.JimTerr.com

Great rant by Stacy Taylor on Air America Radio about the "War on Christmas",
political piety, religious spin and "compassion without religion." LISTEN (8 min.)
See articles referenced at ARSUSA.net - Alliance of Religious Scams

One of the funniest things you'll ever hear.

Sam Seder
on Air America Radio interviews
"Senator" "Katherine Harris"

(an occasional feature -- though in this segment she doesn't get much of a chance to talk about her line of "Rapture Wear" )


(at end are one of the best and one of the worst radio spots ever)

(in real life, didn't actually quite win election)

: Please don't write to tell me about candidates I may not have included, etc.
Surely there are some great ones out there I don't know about.
I'm not trying to be a kingmaker here, and no one really cares about my opinion.
I'm just trying to throw out a couple "tickets" I personally think would be great.



Letter in Santa Fe New Mexican, 12-17-06

I have a challenge for Governor Richardson, not because of anything he's done wrong but because he's done so much right here, including creating a near-miracle by bringing so much film production to the state.

We all know that illegal immigration, primarily from Mexico, creates some problems here (as well as benefits for many employers -- but that's another story). Worse, it indicates a country to the south whose economy is not working for many or most, driving its poorest and most ambitious citizens to leave.

With his smarts, his determination, his creativity and his bi-cultural makeup, Governor Richardson is uniquely suited to work with Mexico to help get their house in order. And selling them on the idea of letting him do so will require all of his highly touted diplomatic skills.

Accomplishing something on this front would be a blessing for everyone, and would give Richardson a dramatic legacy no matter what his future plans. And it might even provide a model for economic improvement in other countries where even more misery and cruelty is driven by poverty.

Jim Terr
Santa Fe