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(Now ONCE a week - Saturday - what a deal!)

Featured on KUNM's "Ear To The Ground" 4-26-14 (6:30, MP3)

Interview with Jim Bohannon July 13, 2014 about two songs from the project (MP3, 17:26)






Monday: new song / video, with background
Wednesday - same    Friday - same
Song / video with more emphasis on
songwriting, suitable for class, workshop, family activity!

Wednesday, April 16: "You're Not the Only One"
Friday, April 18: "Do You Like to Jitterbug?"
*Saturday, April 19 (songwriting): "The Call"

Monday, April 21: "Nothing's Any Better for Me"
Wednesday, April 23: "If You Don't Like Country Music... "
Friday, April 25: "You Got to be Stupid To Sing Country Music"
*Saturday, April 26 (songwriting):
"She Taught Me How to Sing these Songs"

Monday, April 27: "I Don't Need My Space No More"
Wedneday, April 30 : "He's Got a Bunny in Our Bed"
Friday, May 2 : "Hello Mr. Gorbachev"
*Saturday, May 3 (songwriting): "I Love You, George (Jones)"

Monday, May 5 : "Cold, Dark Taverns"
Wednesday, May 7 : "Strange Adaptations"
Friday, May 9 : "This Old Heart"
Saturday, May 10 : "A Little Joy in Mudville"
Monday, May 12 : "Son of a Rabbi Man"

Saturday, June 14: "SMALL TOWN RADIO"



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(Now ONCE a week - Saturday - what a deal!)


Your host:

       Jim Terr

First 31 episodes will feature songs from this book:

I would like to thank CHARLES YOUNG of Santa Fe for a series of songwriting workshops he put together long ago, featuring Steve Seskin, Rivers Rutherford, Paul Craft, and Kathy Chiavola, which really inspired me about songwriting!

And thanks to Tony Byworth for all your help and encouragement!






Books on songwriting, by two of the very best!

Bobby Braddock

Tom T. Hall


Speaking of songwriting, enjoy this:

Quality, not quantity (a masterpiece only 51 words long):



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New Mexico Entertainer Aims To Bring Songwriting To The World


An enterprising new music concept is about to be launched on the internet. Titled “Song & Story Weekly”, it is the brainchild of Las Vegas, New Mexico based singer/songwriter Jim Terr.

With his music actively presented and viewed on YouTube (where he has notched up almost one million hits), Terr decided to create this internet concept to share his passion for songwriting – not only with fellow songwriters but others who enjoy music and want to dig a little deeper into how songs are created.

With many hundreds of original songs to credit, the first dating back to his 1970s bluegrass band days, he cites “Song & Story Weekly” as his most exciting project to date. “It’ll be an exploration of songwriting” Terr explains. “I want to talk about how songs are written, their inspiration and background, and such. But more than that, I would like ‘Song & Story Weekly’ to develop into a discussion forum where ideas can be exchanged, maybe even a songwriting ‘classroom’ for friends, or even families.”

Jim Terr’s opening introductory program will be available on Wednesday, April 16, featuring the song You’re Not The Only One.  The programs will subsequently appear four times a week - different songs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday and, on Saturdays, a song with more emphasis on songwriting considerations and discussions.

The initial songs to be performed are those featured in Terr’s humorous, highly praised book “You Got To be Stupid To Sing Country Music (& Other Unusual Song Lyrics)”, originally published in 1988 but soon to be re-promoted with a cd featuring the songs. 

The programmes will be available FREE to subscribers on a dedicated YouTube channel or through the website, Email notification of new songs will also be provided, if requested.

Jim Terr is one of New Mexico’s most versatile entertainers. Known primarily as a singer/songwriter, he’s also a nationally broadcast satirist, a record producer, music publisher and documentary filmmaker.  He’s worked with top rated musicians Steve Young and Junior Brown, Hollywood character actor Slim Pickens, provided soundtrack music for the 1988 remake of “And God Created Woman”, and produced advertising jingles heard both regionally and nationally. In addition he has produced numerous videos on YouTube with praise for his songs coming from such award winning luminaries as Bobby Braddock and Tom T. Hall – whom he hopes to interview for the series. 

Now intent on developing “Song & Story Weekly” into his biggest project, Jim Terr is determined to create worldwide interest for songwriters. “Without a song, there would be no artists, yet how many people know much about songwriters and their craft” he says. “It’s my intent that ‘Song & Story Weekly’ will rectify that situation. Writing songs is incredible fun, and a great vehicle for self-expression, and a wonderful career for those who get good enough at it”.

The initial series will be sponsored by a group of tourism-related businesses in Terr's home town and state, which several of his YouTube productions are geared to promoting.


For more information, please contact Jim Terr at bluecanyon2 -at- newmexico - dot- com



"I Left Something Turned On At Home"
Writer(s): John Schweers
Copyright: Castle Street Music Inc., Bughouse

Well boys I hate to leave good company
But my baby just called me on the phone
And from the sound of her voice, I simply have no choice
I left something turned on at home

Well I just put a quarter in the jukebox
And it ain't halfway through my favorite song
But if I don't leave right now my whole place might burn down
'Cause I left something turned on at home

It ain't the stove, it ain't the heater
She's hotter and a whole lot sweeter
And all day long she's been there alone
Right now her arms are open, the house is probably smokin`
'Cause I left something turned on at home

Hey waitress could you cancel that order 
But if its too late I'll take it to go
Boys I gotta run 'fore somebody calls 911
'Cause I left something turned on at home

It ain't the stove, it ain't the heater
She's hotter and a whole lot sweeter
And all day long she's been there alone
Right now her arms are open, the house is probably smokin`
'Cause I left something turned on at home

Right now her arms are open, the house is probably smokin`
'Cause I left something turned on at home
Yeah I left something turned on at home


Jim Terr CDs here


More on ye old home towne, Las Vegas, New Mexico ("the original"), to come later...

"I endorse this project, not just for its educational value, but for how it highlights the beauty and history of the fascinating city of Las Vegas, New Mexico - and, yes, the accepting spirit which supports creativity here."
              -- Mayor Alfonso Ortiz Jr.

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