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Interview 12-17-16 on KUNM-FM about songwriting...

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Interview with British c/w publicist TONY BYWORTH (13 mb, 29 min, MP3)


ROAD SHOW REJECTS - a good one if I do say so myself

INTERVIEW 12-9-13 on The Jim Bohannon Show
and INTERVIEW 12-14-13 on KUNM-FM

Interview with Jim Bohannon July 13, 2014 about two songs  (MP3, 17:26)

"Songwriter has confidence in his talent and abilities" recent interview

Great comprehensive INTERVIEW on KSFR "Gotta Dance" (31 min) 6-9-13

And final interview with Diego Mulligan on KSFR 6-7-13 (30 min.)

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***  You probably don’t think of Jim Terr when it comes to songwriting, but after hearing this interview conducted by Diego Mulligan a short time ago, I’m thinking that way.  Jim may not have the best voice (though it fits well on his more humorous tunes), but he is one hell of a tunesmith.  He leans toward Country— that born between Country & Western and Modern Country— and puts together songs in the manner of, say, Tom T. Hall and Bob McDill— those of a storytelling variety.  Terr, for those who don’t know, owns  Blue Canyon Productions and has worked with Junior Brown,Steve Young and Slim Pickens (bet you didn’t know ol’ Slim recorded, did you?).  Terr played a special part in the life of Steve Young, having re-released Young’s Seven Bridges Road album, originally released on Reprise Records (to read a Cliff’s Notes version of that involvement, click here).  To fill you in a bit on Terr’s songwriting skills and as a tribute to Diego Mulligan, who evidently passed away just shortly after this interview happened, Terr has made an mp3 of the interview available online.  Songwriters, you might want to listen to this. -Music blogger Frank C. Gutch Jr.

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A few songwriter reviews.. .

"Unique, talented, one-of-a-kind." -Tom T. Hall

"Jim Terr is a very talented singer/writer
and I hope you enjoy his songs as much as I do."
- Bobby Braddock (writer of some of the most popular songs in the history of country music, such as "He Stopped Loving Her Today," "Golden Ring," "Something to Brag About,"D-I-V-O-R-C-E", "We're Not the Jet Set," "Old Flames Have New Names", "Let's Talk About Me", many others.

"A prolific creator of original wit and music, with a dedicated following on the internet, his discovery is still shamefully overlooked by the entertainment industry."
-Tony Byworth, UK journalist and author, co-editor of the

JIM TERR BIO compiled with assistance of Tony Byworth

…[Jim Terr has been] described as a modern day Mark Twain, Will Rogers, Jimmie Rodgers and Jackie Mason rolled into one. Can I add to that list names like Shel Silverstein, Tom T. Hall, Bobby Bare, Ray Stevens and the likes--
master wordsmiths all, and country boys too…
     -Brian Ahern, Country Music & More (UK) 

     "Bodacious" -Dave Barry

"Wise, witty and whimsical (and sometimes sad)" -Tony Hillerman

"Some of the most thoroughly enjoyable tunes I've ever heard...tiny monuments to songwriting...For whatever elements came together to make the genius of Jim Terr and his music happen, we should be truly gleeful, grateful and gratified….”  He shares equal territory with the folksy politicism of Phil Ochs, the sheer songwriting skill of Townes van Zandt, and the shamelessly naive sense of ironic humor of Loudon Wainwright III."
    -Bill Hutchison, Santa Fe Reporter  and Anthologist’s Cabinet

Jim Marshall, British Country Music Bulletin:
    An entertaining, description-defying collection... If one were to invite comparisons, you'd perhaps liken Jim Terr to Tom T. Hall, or, perhaps Paul Craft.

"A highly creative, satirical Outlander and asskicking comedian without parallel;
an excellent writer...reminds me of Calvin Trillin…     -Mike Malloy

"Jim Terr's spirit shows through consistently in his songs... It's the droll, sardonic,
'cut-the-B.S.' outlook known around the world as American."  -James Fallows 

"Jim Terr’s creativity and versatility are unmatched.
Well, almost unmatched." -Hodding Carter III

"One of the true creative geniuses of our time. .This guy does some of the best satire
in the business. One of the great comedic and auditory geniuses of our day."   
                   —Thom Hartmann  





Documentary in production: “Jingling All The way ” (working title)
personal documentary / essay 
(briefly, without reference to numerous production notes) 
Jim Terr © 2012 

So there I was, at Las Vegas’ Old Town Plaza park, late one Friday afternoon, by chance, hearing the New Mexico Territorial Band perform tunes of the late 1800s on traditional band instruments, in traditional costume.

Introducing the song, “Daisy, Daisy” (Bicycle Built for Two), the announcer said that  this song was intended to promote the modern two-wheeled bicycle which was just coming out at the time, replacing the older “Velocipede” design:


I think she may have specifically mentioned “jingles”, but in any case my mind started racing at the thought that JINGLES – of which I’ve done many but always considered a somewhat unsavory sideline to “pure” songwriting – probably has a long tradition!

In addition to the radio and TV advertising jingles of the 40s, 50s and 60s, the “Golden Age” of advertising jingles, I realized there have probably always been songs intended to promote products, causes, to fire up the team and the congregation – all the way back to prehistoric, tribal times!

Suddenly my own work - including my many nationally broadcast songs and satires - appeared in a more historical, important, “dignified” context. Among the many jingles I’ve done over the years, a couple of the best-known are the Sing a Song of Snapple jingle which was reportedly the most popular of that national campaign in the 80s, and the Toss No Mas jingle which is the longest-running jingle in New Mexico, still running after at least twenty years now!

As a historical exploration, looking at advertising, promotion, publicity, evangelism, etc., – is a critically important study, influencing all we do and all we go through as a society. It needs more exposure, a closer look, much greater awareness.

As a personal story, it’s about a process of recognizing and acknowledging one's own accomplishments, talents, building some self-esteem for the things done and recognized for which I may have ignored or minimized – but which I can see as  part of an interesting, significant historical stream!

What the market might be for such a documentary is wide open, but Sherman’s March (a  historical yet “personal” documentary - one of the first of the genre), did well, and in this case a company or two might help underwrite it, for the advertising exposure of their jingle!

  Previous documentary work                                   Foundation reference
(Documentary will be distributed, at minimum, to state libraries and
selected high schools, colleges, public access outlets, online, etc.)





Tribute to Tom T. Hall & Bobby Braddock

"ANY OLD TRAIN" - in the style of Van Morrison, I flatter myself to think

You're Not the Only One                                          Small Cafe     

Think you heard these in the 1960s??



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Do You Like to Jitterbug?                                  I Love You, George
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