Sample script for "Let's Play Spin Doctor" TV show...


Game show proposal, "Let's Play Spin Doctor"

( ) this script J
im Terr © 2007.

First draft - one "round" only, focused on one participant only.

HOST: Welcome once again to "Let's Play Spin Doctor," where the finest and most devious young minds in America display their dazzling skills at putting out fires, sowing the plastic turf, fishing for red herring, killing the messenger, and generally spinning you so fast you won't know up from down - just like the grown-ups do!

I'm your host,Len Belzer*, and this week a beautiful but deadly 17-year-old blonde from Kenosha, Wisconsin will compete with those two considerably nerdier-looking but no-less-dangerous fellas over there, on either side of her, to sharpen their already rather frightening knack for turning white into black, wrong into right -- and they're willing to work all day and all night - to impress our panel of real PR executives with their dazzling display of young talent.

I could go on, trying to get you more and more and more excited, but there are minds out there to be made up, people who need to be told what to think, so let's get to work, LET'S PLAY SPIN DOCTOR!!!!!!

First let's meet our distinguished panel of actual public relations executives, from some of the top PR firms in the US**…. (introduce panel).

And now let's meet our young Spin Doctors. Returning triumphant from last week and from her incredible eight-week streak here on LPSD, the Mistress of Misinformation, our Damsel of Deceit, the Bombshell of B.S., our Sultress of Spin, the Tokyo Rose of southeastern Wisconsin, the beautiful, talented Miss Katrina Svenson! Katrina, how goes it?

-Wow - thanks Len. I'm so glad to be back. The folks in Kenosha send you their love and best…"

-- OK, OK, Katrina, enough already, don't butter me up, save it for our celebrity panel, after all it's they - and our studio audience - who will decide how much longer you get to enjoy this ride, your fifteen minutes -- or I guess it must be three or four hours by now -- of fame.

So, you guys, fellas, you think you can beat our Katrina, huh? Our Darling of Dissembling? We'll see. (introduce them…) …OK, kids, I'm getting carried away with my own cleverness again, it happens every week, it's time to really get down to it, LET'S PLAY SPIN DOCTOR! We've got some new Adventures in Spinning this week, some new exercises that will challenge your already-terrifying skill level, as well as a couple old favorites. (more...)