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A sweet, moving collection including the heartfelt
Jimmy Carter tribute, “Jimmy, Come on In"

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(Jim Terr "artist comparison": Tom T. Hall, Phil Ochs, Shel Silverstein) **


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Here's the Jimmy Carter song - thanks again for the very gratifying response.



Singer / songwriter Jim Terr's videos and songs have racked up over a MILLION views on YouTube, and the Jimmy Carter tribute is over 139,000 views on Facebook.

Though generally regarded as a satirist, Terr's "serious songwriter" credits are numerous. This CD concentrates
on his most moving songs, including the touching
Jimmy Carter tribute,
"Jimmy, Come on In."

"Unique, talented, one-of-a-kind." -Tom T. Hall

"Jim Terr is a very talented singer/writer
 and I hope you enjoy his songs as much as I do."
- Bobby Braddock (top country songwriter)

"A prolific creator of original wit and music…
 his discovery is still shamefully overlooked by
 the entertainment industry. SMALL TOWN RADIO
 is a classic"  -Tony Byworth, UK journalist and author,
                                 OF COUNTRY MUSIC.

… a modern day Mark Twain, Will Rogers,
Jimmie Rodgers and Jackie Mason rolled
 into one. Can I add to that list names like Shel
Silverstein, Tom T. Hall, Bobby Bare, Ray
Stevens and the likes- - master wordsmiths all,
and country boys too…
     -Brian Ahern, Country Music & More (UK)

   "Bodacious" -Dave Barry

"Wise, witty and whimsical (and sometimes sad)"
-Tony Hillerman

"Some of the most thoroughly enjoyable tunes
 I've ever heard...tiny monuments to songwriting...
For whatever elements came together to make the
 genius of Jim Terr and his music happen,
 we should be truly gleeful, grateful and gratified.”
 -Bill Hutchison, Santa Fe Reporter 

“He shares equal territory with the folksy
 politicism of Phil Ochs, the sheer songwriting
skill of Townes van Zandt, and the shamelessly
naive sense of ironic humor of
 Loudon Wainwright III."
              - Anthologist’s Cabinet

    Entertaining, description-defying...
If one were to invite comparisons, you'd
 perhaps liken Jim Terr to Tom T. Hall,
          or, perhaps Paul Craft. 
   -Jim Marshall, British Country
            Music Bulletin

"Jim Terr's spirit shows through consistently
in his songs... It's the droll, sardonic,
 'cut-the-B.S.' outlook known around the
 world as American."  -James Fallows 

"Jim Terr’s creativity and versatility
 are unmatched. Well, almost
  unmatched." -Hodding Carter III

"One of the true creative geniuses
of our time... One of the great comedic
and auditory geniuses of our day." 
     —Thom Hartmann 

“A modern-day Mark Twain,
Will Rogers, Jimmie Rodgers
and Jackie Mason rolled into one.”
–Rick Sanjek, assistant VP, BMI

“…some of them funny, others
poignant and downright tearjerking.
I loved the lot.” –David Allan,
journalist and broadcaster,


JIM ALSO DOES JINGLES - and is doing a documentary about that.


Just for laffs, unrelated, not on this album: