Jim Terr


56 minutes

We Were There: Seven Survivors on the Holocaust

As emotionally riveting as it is draining, We Were There: Seven Survivors on the Holocaust is a portrait of human endurance in the face of great suffering. New Mexico filmmaker Terr talks with seven Jewish survivors of Germany's systematic genocide, who speak frankly and passionately about what they experienced, while at the same time responding to those who claim the Holocaust never happened.

April 2-4, 2004 Portland OR











Producer interview & video excerpt
(at around 2:04)

"We Were There: Seven Survivors of the Holocaust"

In this 55-minute video, we see and hear chilling testimonies from seven New Mexicans who survived the Nazi terror of 1933-1945. From the producer of the nationally acclaimed video In Their Own Words: 12 Veterans of World War II. $19.95.

"The images, unforgettable. The video, touching and horrific at the same time." 
         -KOAT-TV, Channel 7 News

"Heartbreaking recollections, harrowing tales."
        -Jon Bowman, PASATIEMPO
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"Honest and detailed stories ...Articulate, determined, and insightful, these speakers bring this important part of history to life with their fascinating stories. A strong addition to Holocaust collections."
           -School Library Journal (February 2002)

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acclaimed videos,

"A memorable and emotional video which valiantly preserves these first-hand stories for future generations, and humanizes history."

Regina Turner, project director
Anne Frank in the World exhibit,
Albuquerque, NM

"Jim Terr's follow-up to his nationally acclaimed documentary on WWII veterans is a valuable educational resource, as it starts with a basic explanation of the Holocaust's horrors and illustrates them with personal stories, told by the survivors themselves. Archival footage and sensitive, honest narration by Terr are added to round out each story...Each tale is different, and each is arresting in its impact. Astounding."

-Santa Fe Reporter

"These brave, articulate and dignified survivors tell their stories and discredit the offensive myth that the Nazi atrocities never happened. Jim Terr's one-hour documentary personalizes the unthinkable and preserves the searing and heartbreaking tales for future generations.

- HADASSAH Magazine

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Public service message for “free lance creatives”

When submitting a public service message idea to the New Mexico Department of Transportation, please follow these simple guidelines: DON’T DO IT!!!

Take it from me, a guy with a fairly good public record of creative work (including the VERY long-running “Toss No Mas” jingle.  I submitted an idea which arguably, years later, resulted in the popular NMDOT “Don’t Text” video,  “DNTXT: Deadly Conversation”.  (

When I made the Department aware of my earlier submission, and gently suggested they pay me what I had requested as a creative fee in the first place, they politely declined, based on technicalities**, while not actually denying that my idea may have likely resulted in the current campaign.

This is the highly principled, morality-in-government, “do the right thing” Martinez administration, by the way. So, until further notice, and until they decide to do the right thing, my suggested guideline for  submitting ideas remains: DON’T DO IT!

        - Jim Terr 2014  / email bluecanyon2 – at – juno – dot – com

** and asking ME – legal expert that I am not – if I can let them know of any statutes contradicting the technicality they cited!!