"Santa Fe's — and therefore the world's — strangest web site.
Fascinating sound clips and soul-nourishing content."

- Bill Hutchison, staff writer, Santa Fe Reporter

Blue Canyon Productions

Music, gifts, books, videos and graphics to inform, amuse and inspire.
Small company's products gain national attention and acclaim.

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Mailing address is Blue Canyon Productions, 1037 7th St., Las Vegas, NM (New Mexico!) USA

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Max Wieczorek's "Head of Christ"

Two-color poster of Max Wieczorek's rare and mysterious portrait, "Head of Christ," sized 8 -1/2" by 12", printed on quality cover stock. The model remains unknown, but the effect of this painting is unmistakable. Price: $25.00.
(Sorry - sold out)




Over three hours long, this DVD contains all five of our  highly-rated educational videos (Teen driving safety, Manufacturing, Teen Reading, and condensed versions of the WWII and Holocaust videos), plus a 12-minute short about "the making of" these videos. A must for every teen. Includes public library "performance" rights. $29.95 + shipping

10+ quantity rate = $17.97 each
(40% discount)





"IN THEIR OWN WORDS: 12 Veterans of World War Two"

90-minute video interviewing author Tony Hillerman and others. Nationally acclaimed as "riveting" and "remarkable", for bringing the WWII experience alive. DVD $19.95.   


"WE WERE THERE: Seven Survivors of the Holocaust"

55-minute video interviewing seven New Mexico survivors of the Nazi terror. "A memorable and emotional video which valiantly preserves these first-hand stories for future generations, and humanizes history." -Regina Turner, project director, Anne Frank in the World exhibit. DVD: $19.95.  

"The Mystery of Sleep Paralysis"

In this 20-minute video, three experts explain this natural phenomenon which is nonetheless very frightening and mysterious to people in modern Western culture, but not in others where it is better understood. DVD : $19.95.


"NO BLOODSHED: The High Road to Understanding Driving Danger"

The popularity of the "Hell's Highway" documentary, recounting the mixed messages and mixed success of the gory 1950s "safe driving" films, points to the need to an entirely different approach. The "NO BLOODSHED " video answers that need and succeeds in getting teens to slow down! A Parent's Guide Top Ten Video of 2003!
DVD: $19.95.


"READING FRENZY: Teens Reveal the Thrill of Reading"

Interviews with teens who read independently, for pleasure, sharing their enthusiasm for reading in general and their favorite books in particular. Designed to excite other teens about this valuable lifelong habit, to make reading more appealing and "acceptable."
VHS Tape: $19.95


"SIX-MINUTE MANUFACTURING : Glimpses of How It's Made"

Glimpses and explanations of assorted manufacturing processes, from traditional assembly line and heavy manufacturing to high-tech. Designed to engage students in these fascinating processes, and to encourage them to pursue education which will allow them to help design and participate in such systems. DVD: $19.95




Jim Terr & Friends - "Please Cut My Song, Mr. Travis"

Jim Terr's second and newest CD; 17 songs performed by 11 great artists. Country, comedy, rock and bluegrass.

"Terr shares equal territory with the folky politicism of Phil Ochs, the sheer songwriting skill of Townes van Zandt, and the shamelessly naïve sense of ironic humor of Loudon Wainwright III.
     Combining comedy with tragedy, optimism with hopelessness and prolific wit with his favorite three chords, Jim Terr's songs are triumphant anthems to this difficult business of living."

     -Bill Hutchison, Anthologist's Cabinet


Jim Terr & Friends - "Demos and Diamonds"

First Jim Terr CD ever! 23 best Terr compositons written in the past 26 years, performed by Terr and many other artists, including Slim Pickens. A full 72 minutes of music! CD: $15.


"Chickenstock: A Festival of Peace, Love and Matzo Balls"

Highly-rated Jewish parody of Woodstock, CD $15.00.

YOUTUBESONGZ CD - go directly to that page to see & order
        Singer / songwriter Jim Terr's videos and songs have racked up over a MILLION views on YouTube, and the Jimmy Carter tribute is over 139,000 views on Facebook.  


You Got to be Stupid to Sing Country Music (Illustrated by Jay Lynch)

88 pages (1988). An affectionate look at country music. Unusual song lyrics by Jim Terr, great illustrations by Jay Lynch. $9.95.

"This is the best book I've ever read in my life." 
            - Father Guido Sarducci, SJ
"Wise, witty and whimsical (and sometimes sad)"  - Tony Hillerman
"Bodacious"  - Dave Barry






The New Mexico Driver's Survival Guide   

94 pages, 33 illustrations, 48 topics. "How to live long enough to enjoy New Mexico's natural wonders." Discover how New Mexico's famous Artistic, Spiritual and Mystical qualities explain New Mexico driving (or at least justify it). $7.95.





Authentic imaginary souvenir of the Old West. Hand-made, each one different, with nuggets of genuine turquoise. Should not be chewed or swallowed by small persons or others. Price: $9.95 package of 2.






"23 Views of New Mexico "

23 pieces from comedy to serious to inspirational, by Jim Terr. "Comprehending the incomprehensible, fathoming the unfamthomable mystery of New Mexico through songs, stories and comedy, & visits to some interesting businesses." DVD, 2 hours. $14.95


"The $2.98 Video Collection"

Celebrating the wonderful world of low-budget video, these no-budget videos demonstrate that you don't need a "Titanic" budget to create real, authentic American Beauty. One-hour video collection.  VHS Tape: $19.95.
"Hilarious shorts. '$2.98' is so funny, you'll have to replace your ass after laughing it off."
-Santa Fe Reporter







The New Mexico Driver's Survival Guide   

94 pages, 33 illustrations, 48 topics. "How to live long enough to enjoy New Mexico's natural wonders." Discover how New Mexico's famous Artistic, Spiritual and Mystical qualities explain New Mexico driving (or at least justify it). $7.95.




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