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"Wow - that was scary, not to mention entertaining! Excellent acting. Effective satire
for those who already have sincere concerns about the very confused candidacy of Mitt.

Interview on JIM BOHANNON national radio show 12-12-11 (27 min, MP3)

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Election stolen from Jim Terr in Arizona primary !



ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL article including video of song
which is NOT on this CD SEE BELOW

Link to BuDDy CD info

"Chinese Money"



(Just a bumper sticker idea, free for the stealing)

Songs featured on Thom Hartmann, BuzzFlash, Jim Bohannon, Danny Shechter,
Rude Pundit, and many others over time....
.. Recent in-depth INTERVIEW

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MP3 audio for broadcast"Goodbye Columbus"                                                         
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(This is not a complete listing - visit YouTube channel HYMIEHYMIE)

The "culture wars" reduced to 7 letters!


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 NEWS FLASH: Even Obama can't sell Jim Terr books! (see below)       
"REMEMBER SEPTEMBER 12th" - info here    VIDEO HERE!

Recent satirical vids

"OnSatire"- parody of OnStar ads

"My Friend will Friend You"

Audio for "ROBUST PUBLIC OPTION" by Jim Terr & the Health Care Hamsters
(audio for broadcast, MP3 1:32)


Thanks to Thom Hartmann for this mighty fine idea!

MP3 AUDIO FOR BROADCAST:  Short - no break   Full-length, with instrumental break
Full-length, with little girl Public Campaign Finance speech in break

Hey kids!! Wanna get pissed off all over again? Watch this brilliant video on
YouTube about how "W" spent the morning of 9-11:
"A September to Remember"

Musical political video commentary: "HUGE STIMULUS PACKAGE"

NEW - and beating videos by Letterman, Olbermann, Maddow, Colbert etc. on BuzzFlash.com !

NEWS! Prominent satirist quits
to spend more time with family

"And who could blame me?" he asks.
"Scram, kids!"

JT featured on CBC (Canadian radio "The Current")
9-25-08 (Hear exerpt)
regarding this song and this video,
re CEO salaries
(Hear full segment here, "Part One")



(Washington Sept 21) Citing a grave threat to the US' financial structure as well as cultural life, Secretary of the Treasury Henry "Hank" Paulson announced today a $70 billion bailout of Santa Fe's Blue Canyon Satire, including its worldwide properties, investments, copyrights and other financial interests.

"The danger to America's cultural life, political vitality as well as financial viability is simply too great to ignore and not act promptly," Hank stated. President Bush echoed Paulson's concern, telling a hastily-gathered gathering of Congressional leaders, "I urge you to act quickly and with courage, without even necessarily reading [the proposed legislation] in detail. This is a time to act with boldness, from the heart, not to examine every jot and tittle [of the proposed legislation]," Mr. Bush said.

When asked by reporters how a little-known satire producer could rack up so much debt, and be of such great concern, Mr. Bush said "Well, who had ever heard of AIG til last week? Some institutions are simply too crucial to ignore, to let slip away." More

COMMENTS: EKohen, Santa Fe: I'm not sure that the government shouldn't instead shut down Blue Canyon as a threat to the public morale AND morality and place the owner under house arrest with pay.    [NOW CLOSED FOR COMMENTS]

STRONG & STEADY - Obama "James Brown" tribute

Click here for MP3 audio for broadcast
(End of audio is "blank" - no debate speech)

"Palin Aversion Therapy"
TV "news" spot

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An "attack ad" parody of the 1966 Robert Parker hit, "Barefootin'" 

This link MP3 audio only, for radio download

Lyrics  Blog article   Other new videos:

"Joe the Plumber" - music video
MP3 audio for broadcast


John McCain is NOT the Antichrist

"Drill Baby" - Palin parody of Roy Orbison's "Dream Baby"  

Sarah Palin Hunts Wolves and Liberals   AUDIO FOR BROADCAST.


Here's something great from another "orchestra": Takin' it Back with Barack, Jack

Make a great difference and stay ahead! Check out the latest political news and events happening today!

Although this site strives to be utterly bi-partisan and non-partisan,
I couldn't help posting this "sums-it-all-up" comment in response to this September 9, '08 David Brooks column in the NY Times, advocating more "weirdness" by the candidates (I think):

If weirdness wins, then Bush triumphs: the "uniter not a divider" became the most polarizing president ever, until even Conservatives dumped him; the "not a nation-builder" decided the best way to get rid of Bin Laden in Afganistan was to attack Saddam in Iraq; the "compassionate conservative" widened the gap between rich and poor and ran up the deficit while doing so -- how weird can you get?

I am tired of all this weirdness, spin and buzz. It doesn't need to be so strange or complicated. Balance the budget by restoring the same tax rates that worked during the Clinton years; use a multi-tiered, means-based deductible and premium system to give everyone affordable, and just as important, portable and undeniable health insurance; invest in a green infrastructure, like wind, solar, mass-transit that will keep the dollars and jobs on US soil, while making us energy independent. Done.
      Randall Walker, MD   Rochester, MN

Check out SwingStateOfMind - blog with ironic tone required for New Mexico politics

"The Ballad of La Bajada Mesa" (mp3)

recorded for the Rural Conservation Alliance

Radio PSA 1:00    (PSA - no tag)

NEW VIDEO OF OLD SONG: ""Bosses of the World, Unite!"

NEW: "Brother Can You Spare a Couple Billion?" corporate welfare song/video

"Jim Terr's YouTube videos topped 100,000 views in 2008 [now over 1/2 million], so why shouldn't he self-celebrate? Ego and genius self-perpetuate. You gotta hand it to Jim. If there's a reason to whip out a camera, a subject out there to be shot, Jim's been there, going there or there right now. Or sitting at home manipulating stock footage into some rudimentary animation. And when there ain't nothing else to do, hell, he'll just write a song and film himself playing it. I tease and needle, because that's the vital role he plays in Americana." - Artistic Overdose

"What'd You Get For Your Two Trillion Dollars?" (Audio MP3)   VIDEO

Startling satire news! (see below)


Jim Terr's work has aired on the ABC, CBS, NBC/Mutual, Westwood One, BBC (British) and National Public Radio networks, Air America, Voice of America, the Larry King, Jim Bohannon, G. Gordon Liddy, Jim Hightower, Paul Harvey, Thom Hartmann, Peter Werbe, Mike Malloy, Dr. Demento, "Mountain Stage," Sam Seder, Jon Elliott, "This Way Out" and "Whaddya Know?" radio shows, NBC- and CBS-TV News, in film, and has been broadcast in over 20 countries. He wrote and performed the national jingle favorite, "Sing a Song of Snapple." (See credits)

"One of the true creative geniuses of our time. ...Absolutely brilliant website. This guy does some of the best satire in the business. One of the great comedic and
auditory geniuses of our day."  - Thom Hartmann

"In his letters and articles, Jim Terr makes too much sense. In any other country he would have long since been locked up." 
   Jonathan Alter Senior Editor, Newsweek

"Jim Terr's spirit shows through consistently in the essays, songs and other projects he creates. It's the droll, sardonic, 'cut the B.S.' outlook that is known around the world as 'American.' His tone is especially valuable in an election year."
       James Fallows

"A lot of times I don't like those (satire) songs, but I went around (singing) after I heard that song this morning, 'Pokin' the Bear....' "
- Sam Seder, Air America

"Refreshingly biting and intelligent comments on the current state of our politcal affairs" - Jon Elliott, Air America

more "credits"

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Ongoing, long-term underwriting needed (Inquire) (See credits)

What's going on here, in case you're wondering.

Naomi Klein on "The Shock Doctrine"
(see both parts 1 & 2)

Blue Canyon Satire fights Satco takeover bid
   John Melbish (New York)

Satire giant Satco (SATC) has announced a hostile takeover bid for the little-engine-that-could of the satire industry, Blue Canyon Satire (BCSA) of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Blue Canyon promised to fight the $4.4 billion bid as "totally inadequate and insulting," according to a company spokesman who asked to remain anonymous.

With Satco's founder and CEO, Jigs Bentley, spending increasingly more time with his philanthropic activities, and the company's growth and product both considered sluggish by industry analysts and critics alike, a takeover of the small-but-steady Blue Canyon is seen as a bid to revitalize the ailing satire giant, whose earnings have been stagnant over the past five years.

Blue Canyon CEO, Jim Terr, said in a hastily-arranged press conference, "We will never, under any circumstances, cede our autonomy and creative independence to a behemoth like Satco, exactly the sort of monolith we exist to oppose - and satirize. That is, not for anything under ten figures." When informed that Satco's bid was indeed ten figures (not counting decimals), Terr responded, "I meant to say eleven figures."

Blue Canyon successfully fought off a previous takeover bid by Paris-based satire conglomerate Sardonique SA (SARD) in April of 2007, reportedly amounting to $3.4 billion (US) in cash, stock and options.

Blue Canyon has long been considered a "boutique" satire works, with a particularly strong following among the politically astute, disaffected and disenfranchised. Though its revenues have never approached those of industry giants like Satco and Sardonique, its unique critical cachet is regarded by critics and analysts as a potential life-saving shot in the arm for a giant behemoth like the sluggish Satco. (Did we mention that Satco is sluggish?)

Satire critic and industry pundit Waldo Dumont, writing in Wired, noted last week: "It is inconceivable that an independent spirit like Blue Canyon would agree to any such arrangement with a sluggish behemoth like Satco - but then again, money talks." - thereby demonstrating his brutally realistic yet balanced approach to industry issues.

Salon satire analyst Leeks Pardue called the take-over bid "Probably Satco's only option to regain credibility from its current status as a sluggish, stagnant, ailing behemoth. With social and political disconnect and cognitive dissonance at epidemic proportions, satire's outlook has never been better."

Blue Canyon's satire has been featured on many radio networks and programs, and their political and purely-nonsense video recently passed the 100,000 viewer mark on giant, sluggish video website YouTube. The Blue Canyon company website is www.BlueCanyonSatire.com.



Taking a break from "W" for a moment....
a parody of
"Brokeback Mountain"

MP3 audio download
(3:14; 3 mb)

This says it all
(wish it was mine, but it ain't)

"Kant Attack Ad"


MP3 audio only here for broadcast (5:20)

History misunderstood
 Mitt Romney, in a recent speech, continued to reinforce the revisionist myth that our Founding Fathers created a Christian country. He was, of course, appealing to the Christian evangelicals in Iowa.
     If he understood history, he would know that the Founding Fathers who had the greatest impact on the beginning of these United States meant just the opposite. Consider that George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were either atheists or deists. These men led our revolution, wrote the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Federalist Papers.
     If you read our Constitution, you will find the only reference to religion in Article VI’s “but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.” The only possible Christian in our first five presidents was John Adams. He signed a treaty with Tripoli that stated that the United States was not a Christian nation.
     Some may argue that the Founding Fathers used “God” or “Creator” on occasion. Their God was the deist god best expressed by Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence: “the laws of nature and of nature’s God.”
      This is a secular country.
BOB WATERS Hot Springs Village [The Arkansas Democrat Gazette]

What would Public Campaign Financing Cost? see www.SixTeenyOnes.com

Tackling world overpopulation with one little song

No way, Karl! Rove letter revealed!

Karl Rove
Rove Ranch
C.R. 23, Box 125-AA
Austin, TX 78701
September 6, 2007

Dear Mr. Terr,

Believe it or not, the Boss and I have been amused by your various satires, videos, etc. You might be surprised to know that we feel you provide a valuable service by keeping us on our toes and helping steer our country on a proper course.

We're aware of your efforts to establish long-term funding for your satire work, and my associates and I would like to help. We have put together funding in the amount of $42,000 to help you along for a while, say through mid-November of 2008, at $3,000 per month.

We do feel that (in your own interest of course) you could best spend this time refreshing yourself, recharging your batteries, perhaps by taking a vacation of some sort, buy a few foreign language courses or John Grisham novels on tape, drive around and see this great Nation. Forget about the satire work for a while.

If these terms are agreeable to you, please let me know and we will forward your check.

Karl Rove
Presidential Advisor Ret.

(Yes, this is a satire, OK? Registered at the Satire Registry in Washington, DC, USA)

(and please note who's still standing, and who's retired to "spend more time with on his family"!)

See/hear President Bush's inspiring address to Gitmo graduates. You gotta love his way with words, his ability to spin gold from the bleakest material.

MP3 audio for broadcast here
(4:32; 4.2 mb)

Credit: Jim Terr (as in "termite"; BlueCanyonSatire.com)

Thanks to Barry Hatfield

"Please Impeach Me"

(MP3 AUDIO, 2mb, 2:15)

Or see video on YouTube
**Over 35,000 plays so far!!

For weighty philosophical underpinning, see
"Second Thoughts on Impeachment" HERE

Jerry Falwell "tribute"
YouTube video    Audio Only MP3
Lots of stuff on YouTube lately!

Rush Limbaugh
sings about his great unhappiness with the Valerie Plame / Scooter Libby verdict: The libs are really playing with fire now, they've got conservatives riled and angry. By golly they're
"Pokin' the Bear" (MP3)
Hear The Great Windbag's complete comments here, on the subject of poking the bear.

USE ME - for songwriting and performing for events and advertising!!
See YouTube videos ONE  TWO and THREE

Thanks to http://www.thismodernworld.com/

"The Seventeen Traditions" - BEAUTIFUL talk about how his parents equipped and inspired him to be an activist, inadvertently or otherwise, by Ralph Nader. Whatever you think about Ralph's presidential runs, this isn't about that. Very funny, thoughtful and rich. Explores how people gain a "civic sense," and why so many think that's so unusual.
AUDIO 45 minutes: Real 28 (7MB)   MP3 (42MB)   Taken from this video
, regarding this book

: Hi Jim. I just wanted to say that you are currently one of the most requested artists on my radio show as of late. To my surprise and joy "Remember September 12th" is a huge hit among most of the gang and myself as well. You have produced some good material over the years and my listeners and I appreciate that. Keep up the great work!     
   - Sincerely, Michael Davidson www.comedy101radio.com/   (Thanks Michael - that's probably one of the best songs I ever did -- even if done 3 or 4 years ago!)

Additional "references", "credits & mentions"

Fudgie the Three-Legged
Wonder Dog

Welcome to the new, experimental, non-partisan, no-blame, no-hate* version of BlueCanyonSatire.com

This website has NOTHING to do with
glamour or sex. If that's what you're
looking for, keep looking or seek help here..

Mark Rudd sez:
• No taking sides
• No mention of presidents by name
 • Opposing view from GOP fat-cat BuDDy
"Smash the Empire with
Blue Canyon Satire"
[R.I.P. dear Fudgie]
"Since 1988"
"Smash the Empire with
Blue Canyon Satire"

ALL OF THIS is meant to be broadcast and shared. PLEASE notify friends, radio folks, blogs, etc.
Airplay: Please credit "BlueCanyonSatire.com"


Can't figure out what happened

Hear all about it:
"Please Mr. President"

Real 56k  MP3  Lyrics/info


All I've feared & believed,
stated clearly:

Chris Hedges on American Fascists: The Radical Christian Right
(Windows Audio, 10 mb, 25 min.)

Pt. 2 of program available from Alternative Radio


See related essay

"Opposing view" as promised

Loyal American BuDDy

defends his president
(as he has before)

Sing along:

Real 56k  MP3  Lyrics/info

Important public
service announcement
"World Leaders
at Play"

Real 56k  MP3  Lyrics/info

"Non-eponymous but self-penned" ???
It's the "Public Radio"
"Mornings Considered"
parody review of
Jim Terr's new CD

Real 56k  MP3  (5:20)
THANKS to Cheryl Davis and Bill Hutchison

"Jim Terr's spirit shows through consistently in his songs... It's the droll, sardonic, 'cut-the-B.S.' outlook known around the world as American."   -JAMES FALLOWS
Smile! You're living in
Health Care Holler!

(Also, just wondering..) Are there still people who can't understand the outrage about an administration that hijacked the tragedy of 9-11 to pursue a long-planned, irrelevant war** ($300 b. & counting), terrorize this country, wreck our hard-won liberties, enrich their friends, and create a whole new generation of terrorists?...

Attack Ad Melodies

Meet the real candidates: (Spoiled Yappy Dog, Frozen Peas, Old Relish Packet, etc.)

What? Terrorize YOU??

Don't wanna get riled up?
BuDDy sez
"Don't Watch the Video!"
Real 56k  MP3  Lyrics/info

Torture in Iraq worse than under Saddam Read

Fat cat BuDDy caught on tape...

This little baby is YOURS!

Do you know what it is?

Apropos of nothing political, with thanks for looking at all this, back by popular demand*, our documentary-award winning* short,
   "Santa Fe Stops"
(WMV, 5.7mb)  (3:05)         * Seriously, on both counts!

...so that an incredibly brave woman like this
hardly has a chance.
See video of LA psychologist Wafa Sultan giving (Muslim) fundamentalists a thrashing.
Read story

Uh, regarding this new
World Trade Center,

would it be impolite to ask if anyone has checked whether air defense is any better than it was on 9-11-01?

...Not quite sure he'd
qualify for this new
experimental version
of BlueCanyonSatire,
but our friend

has regrettably been
kicked off of
Air America Radio.

Mike has done the most
amazing renditions
of our stuff
, and is a
force of nature and a
force for justice.

Visit Mike's site for the
latest on this situation.


And more classically
melancholy than actually funny:
"A Soldier in the Desert"
MP3 audio here
YouTube video here

On-line services
available anytime:

Kathy Chiavola
  "Let the Lower Lights be Burning" or via YouTube

Elliott's Ramblers

Live bluegrass gospel music

Brand-new and guaranteed to piss off a few million people:
Soon-to-be YouTube hit, "Adam and Steve"  MP3 audio for broadcast here.

Thanks to WoodyGuthrie'sGuitarBlogspot

Recommended, essential, non-"talk radio" shows: Counterspin (media analysis), Left-Right-Center (issues)
and Democracy Now, strangely one of the only places left to hear a respectful, in-depth Left-Right argument!

 Would love to locate this caller, "Leah," from Las Vegas, NV:
Called in to Mike Malloy program 7-14-06. She starts about 2:17 in to this clip

God Bless and please support The White Rose Society, underfunded archives of progressive radio shows

This website is supported by sales of the
critically-acclaimed, life-saving, life-enriching DVD,
"Five Frightfully Fine Videos"

and by secure PayPal donations and by HollywoodMe                                                        -------------->

The perfect gift--->

*Thanks to our (NM) senior senator for reminding us on 9-11-06 how dangerous it is to question the president.
Sorry -- for a minute I thought I was living in a democracy, not a monarchy. Listen (28 sec.)
(& see letter below)

** Remember? The "cakewalk" that was going to pay for itself with Iraqi oil revenues?

*** 40% of Americans still think Iraq/Saddam were behind the 9-11 attacks, even after GW Bush admitted they weren't,
so the problem here is not primarily Bush but the ability of so many Americans to believe and rationalize.


In a press conference call on September 11, Senator Domenici said:

"It's too bad that we have so much angst going against the president that almost anything can be used against him by people here in the United States that don't like him and want to hurt him. It seems to me that's a very, very dangerous situation to be playing when you're in a war, to not care about destroying the presidency, knocking it off of its tracks."

If this statement was challenged by the reporters participating in the conference call, I didn't see it reported.

What's too bad is that after all these years Senator Domenici evidently thinks we're living in a monarchy, not a democracy, that those paying his and the president's salary should be seen and not heard, and that any criticism is personal.

This situation was elevated by the president from what should have been an aggressive policing action to a "war" which will be with us for generations. Are we supposed to cancel for generations the idea that the government is ours?

I, too, would like to be able to trust the president at all times and go about my business; that's the appeal of authoritarianism. Unfortunately, we can see where that attitude has gotten us, especially with this president.

Jim Terr   Santa Fe

We now return to our usual hateful, spiteful, blame-filled, name-calling satire format...

(As epitomized by this most excellent rolling billboard): (with a few of our own added -- can you tell?)

Welcome to www.BlueCanyonSatire.com
The Satire Songs page of BlueCanyonProductions.com

"One of the true creative geniuses of our time. ...Absolutely brilliant website. This guy does some of the best satire in the business. One of the great comedic and
auditory geniuses of our day."  - Thom Hartmann

"In his letters and articles, Jim Terr makes too much sense. In any other country he would have long since been locked up." 
   Jonathan Alter Senior Editor, Newsweek

"Jim Terr's spirit shows through consistently in the essays, songs and other projects he creates. It's the droll, sardonic, 'cut the B.S.' outlook that is known around the world as 'American.' His tone is especially valuable in an election year."
       James Fallows

"A lot of times I don't like those (satire) songs, but I went around (singing) after I heard that song this morning, 'Pokin' the Bear....' "
- Sam Seder, Air America

"Refreshingly biting and intelligent comments on the current state of our politcal affairs" - Jon Elliott, Air America

more "credits"




Public service message for “free lance creatives”

When submitting a public service message idea to the New Mexico Department of Transportation, please follow these simple guidelines: DON’T DO IT!!!

Take it from me, a guy with a fairly good public record of creative work (including the VERY long-running “Toss No Mas” jingle.  I submitted an idea which arguably, years later, resulted in the popular NMDOT “Don’t Text” video,  “DNTXT: Deadly Conversation”.  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwta1bxyLGw

When I made the Department aware of my earlier submission, and gently suggested they pay me what I had requested as a creative fee in the first place, they politely declined, based on technicalities**, while not actually denying that my idea may have likely resulted in the current campaign.

This is the highly principled, morality-in-government, “do the right thing” Martinez administration, by the way. So, until further notice, and until they decide to do the right thing, my suggested guideline for  submitting ideas remains: DON’T DO IT!

        - Jim Terr 2014  / email bluecanyon2 – at – juno – dot – com

** and asking ME – legal expert that I am not – if I can let them know of any statutes contradicting the technicality they cited!!