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Health - Education - Jobs

A new perspective, a new song, and a new bribe!
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C/W hero
BuDDy comes to Public Radio's rescue! 


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The President sticks by his friend:


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What a Friend We Have in "W"
The Mornin' Pumpernickel Choir

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 GWB's favorite poem, and ours,
"My Pet Goat"
, featured at Buzzflash.com and at RichardPryor.com !!

Masterfully recited by MIKE MALLOY on Air America Radio  (8/13/04)

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By permission of Ward Sutton


(Crosswinds Weekly , Albuquerque, September 2, 2004)

Watching Out for the Feelings of Santa Fe's Republicans

No one dislikes President Bush more than I do, but still I am disturbed by how regularly I hear performers and speakers at public, nonpolitical events, even in restaurants, lambaste the President, as though the feelings of Republicans (of whom I think we still have a few in Santa Fe) don't matter.

I would ask my fellow Bush-haters to consider whether Republicans, too, don't have a right to be in public places without being insulted and assaulted in this way, and further reinforced in the bunker mentality which is afflicting all of us.

Jim Terr
Santa Fe

(Miami Herald, Sept. 5, 2004 )

A security boost

It's not unreasonable to consider what problems we might have addressed with the $100 billion that has been thrown at the Iraq war so far. Your Aug. 29 article Holes in U.S. security exposed by woman mailed to Miami citing the impossibility of examining every person and cargo container entering the country got me to wondering how many more we could inspect with that $100 billion.

A rough answer, assuming a cost of $5 per person or container, is 20,000 times the number inspected per year currently, based on the figures cited in the article. This would represent a real benefit to our security, versus the $100 billion blown under the false pretense that Iraq had something to do with terrorist attacks on the United States.

Jim Terr
Santa Fe, NM

(They left out this final sentence, maybe for the better): Perhaps some of that money could also be used to ship gullible Bush supporters back to some authoritarian country where they'd feel more at home.

BuDDy Almost Performs at NYC Republican Convention:
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New and brilliant: Larry King interviews Bill Maher

Also brilliant: "The Terrorists Have Won" by Steve Brooks
Words and music copyright 2003 Steve Brooks, BMI.
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Bob Edwards on commercial talk radio

From Talkers Magazine July/August 2004 issue (p. 17)

My feelings about a lot of the shows is that they're "anger" shows. You wake up angry and you stay angry all day. I just don't have enough testosterone for that. And also there's kind of the straw man aspect. You find some ridiculous item in the news and just pummel it for a couple of hours even though it doesn't amount to a hill of beans to most people. It's kind of that "bloody shirt" that you drag in front of your already angry listeners and fire them up and get them to talk about some outrage - something done to some kids somewhere. Some awful father. Somebody trying to get away with some scam. It's not exactly rebuilding Iraq.


(or, as Enid Goldstein calls it, "Anger in search of a hook!")


This song satire website has nothing to sell, other than a bit of political and comedic alternative, and is supported almost entirely by the kindness (contributions) of strangers. Please let your friends, correspondents, listeners, readers, favorite blogs, listservs, chatrooms, mailgroups, and radio stations and "media" know about this website.

Parody of Kris Kristofferson's
1973 hit, "Why Me?"
    Vocal by Jim Terr
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(If anyone knows Kris Kristofferson, please let him know about this song – maybe he'll like it!)


(And he left out the main issue! See article, "Gorby had the lead role, not Gipper")

(Actually, now mostly OLD)

(Barbara Bush comforts her son in difficult times)

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The prettiest little town in Texas is always ready to welcome famous residents back to a life of quiet retirement

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A generous spirit knows no bounds.
(Vocal: Margaret Burke)

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(Saddam's lament)

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(video excerpt)
I've been watching for months for the perfect bit of satire that expresses my own political, uh, frustration, which might also convince the Faithful.
    This brilliant adaptation may not fill both qualifications, but it's probably the hardest-hitting piece of work I've seen.     View it – and copy it! – before it disappears from the Web.
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(The original “Horton Hears a Who!” video is available from Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, cduniverse.com, etc.)

“Bad American Presidents”
from www.HowardStern.com No subtlety here!
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THANKS TO: Great Ideas! Advertising Specialties (505) 983-1105
And Margaret Burke for great vocals!



(contest completed and closed)

"The Passion of BuDDy"
jolts Hollywood & USA!

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BuDDy steps forward
to defend his President

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Save your child
from a life of misery!

(Linda Blair makeup test for "The Exorcist" )

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Oh God! Not another four years of George Bush!

"Bad Mother" (c) 2004 Stacy Brown www.StacyBrown.com   Used by permission. (caption at top added by Jim Terr)

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First Lady, Limbaugh sing
to sway public
   First Lady Laura Bush and accused drug addict Rush Limbaugh have selected BlueCanyonSatire to showcase their debut singing efforts. Although the site is nominally non-political, a spokesman for the site said “We are honored that these top celebrities would choose us, of all possible outlets, to get their musical messages most effectively to the American public.”


"The Biggest Mouth in the Big House" (1:58)

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Courtesy of Barry Hatfield, independent insurance agent, Santa Fe, NM .
Dedicated to Margot ALSO RECOMMENDED:

"Rush to Recovery," a truly fabulous parody,
from Harry Shearer's "Le Show" radio show.

Some "Not-Fair-And-Balanced" background


"Get Saddam, Saddam" (2:23)

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Vocal by Barbara Z

Created by Paul Glickman:

"Let's Beat on the Dixie Chicks"

      (Vocal by "BuDDy" and Barbara Z)

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BuDDy gets "NEKKID" for a better world.
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EQUAL OPPORTUNITY ANNOYER NOTICE: We satirize almost anything and anybody, but we hope to continue to respectfully refrain from directly criticizing anyone this well-rounded:






Hilarious sample (Real Audio) of Jim Hightower's daily radio commentary,
re Arby's "Oven Mitt" ad campaign.

The Greatest Letters-to-the-Editor Exchange in History!
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Old Favorites on our Satire Page!
Six explosive tunes.

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The Ballad of Devil Weed  (2:25)
BuDDy Converse & the Sneakers
A tough sheriff takes a tough stand!

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Golden Parachute  (1:49)
Corporate malfeasance made simple
in this c/w divorce song

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Remember September 12th  (4:41)
The Hamsters (with Jack Asscroft)
What did happen on September 12th?

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see new VIDEO (August '09)

Mouse Limburger,
the World's Greatest Talk Show Host
As relevant (and as irritating) today
as when they were recorded
over a decade ago

Version 1  (1:33)

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Version 2  (1:49)
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  Version 3  (1:43)
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On the 27th anniversary of his death, Elvis sez:
" I'm glad this only happens once every 27 years!
Thanks a lot, America!"
Hear his lonely cry in the wilderness:
"Leave The King Alone" (3:07)
Elvis expertly impersonated by: Lonnie Yanes

*This song available on the "Demos & Diamonds" CD

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(Photo from www.LauraIngraham.com)

She's beautiful, she's dangerous! Right-wing pundit LAURA INGRAHAM has stirred the passions of satirist Jim Terr, who works out his conflicted feelings in front of a live audience, in

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Now that everyone's all riled up, take a trip to heaven with the music of
Kathy Chiavola and Laurie Lewis!

featuring Anne Ruth Bransford

Listen in Real Audio (28k) (56k)
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Don't give up yet – we're closer than ever to the release of the “Dangerous Country” CD, featuring cuts by Junior Brown, Kathy Chiavola, Rock Watson, BuDDy, Zack Tweeter and the Sorghum Valley Boys, et al.

Tired of hearing people say, "…or the terrorists win"?

Well, then, sit back and enjoy
by Jim Terr

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Also available in MP3 format for broadcast.
And thanks to Ashley Margetson, realtor with French & French Fine Properties,Santa Fe, NM

To see the fabulous column by Los Angeles Times staff writer Roy Rivenburg that inspired
this song,
CLICK HERE or HERE (no longer viewable for free!)
And visit Roy's website,

Not topical, but who said satire has to be topical?
"Ginkgo and Tofu"
by BuDDy Converse and the Sneakers
A tale of animal passion and terror!

From the CD, "Demos and Diamonds"

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"SON OF A RABBI MAN" is now available in MP3 format for broadcast
(as well as in Real Audio
from the "Demos & Diamonds" CD)

JIM TERR PERFORMS for your party, banquet, convention, wedding, bar mitzvah, etc. Info and references . . . (and BuDDy too!)

NEWS ITEM: "O Brother" soundtrack tops country charts, but Nashville execs continue to shy away from bluegrass and traditional music.

Our new song, "OH BROTHER, Where's the Hits?"
(Nashville's lament)
, addresses this moral dilemma. Time: 1:50 Written by Jim Terr
©2001 Blue Canyon Music BMI and Addington State Music BMI/PRS
Vocals by Jim Terr (as in "termite") and Jill McAnally (emphasis on the "Mack")

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"In his letters and articles, Jim Terr makes too much sense. In any other country he would have long since been locked up."
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One of the great comedic and auditory geniuses of our day."  - Thom Hartmann
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If you've listened with growing irritation to National Public Radio host Susan Stamberg sharing her mother-in-law's cranberry recipe for 20-years-and-counting, here's a musical response by C/W semi-star and advice guru BuDDy Converse and the Sneakers. (Female vocal by Joan Kessler.)
TO HEAR "Susan's Cranberry Sauce" by BuDDy Converse and the Sneakers. (time 1:43), Real AudioWindows Media (SEE STORY BELOW) (MP3 see below)

Posting of this or any other songs on other web sites without our permission is prohibited.  To see and hear more about BuDDy, go to "BuDDy's Old Fashioned Web Site" (www.yourfriendbuddy.com). Remember BuDDy's motto, "We Just Wanna Be Your Friend."

By special arrangement, and with mixed feelings, we bring you the controversial song,

"Bosses of the World, Unite!"
(The CEO Fight Song)

by the PRSMMC
(People's Republic of Santa Monica Men's Chorus).

While we strongly object to the promotion of class warfare, and feel that such divisiveness is no solution to the problems of social and environmental injustice, we feel it is worth posting in the interest of free speech and public discussion, and we also have a high-quality
MP3 version available for broadcast
(click here).

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TO HEAR "I'll Be Right With You" (time 2:35), a lament for a phrase heard too seldom from sales clerks. Real Audio / Windows Media

"The Overdraft Song"
(Vocals by Jim Terr, BuDDy and Barbara Z)

Also available in MP3 format
for broadcast.

Radio Personnel:  Download MP3 files: Click Here
© 2000, 1999. Written by Jim Terr, published by Blue Canyon Music BMI. All rights reserved. Commercial sale and other such unauthorized uses prohibited.

Thanks to Michael Harrison at Talkers Magazine (http://www.talkers.com/) for your continued support.


Click to hear Jim Terr "country" version, MP3

From CURRENT, The Public Telecommunications Newspaper,
    December 4, 2000
What's stranger? That NPR has given Special Correspondent Susan Stamberg airtime to dispense an icky-sounding cranberry relish recipe over the air for 30 years? Or that, this year, a composer set the recipe to music, while a fictional country star dissed it in a protest song? Every year, in the days before Thanksgiving, Stamberg finds a new way to present the family recipe, a bright pink hash of cranberries, onion, sugar, sour cream and horseradish. Once she interspersed clips from classic movies throughout the delivery. Last year she chatted up Seattle fishmongers.The recipe has a following of vocal fans as well as naysayers. Some in public radio have made a tradition of fighting about the recipe on the Pub radio e-mail lists. Detractors call it selfish and silly, while supporters call it...self- indulgent and silly, but in a good way. Few spoke up either way this year, perhaps throwing up their hands in resignation. But no matter. The disagreement lives on, in music. In this corner we have New Mexico satirist Jim Terr. Fed up with the annual relish ritual, the Santa Fe resident woke up one morning and wrote "Susan's Cranberry Sauce," a shuffling minor-key lament in the style of Johnny Cash that asks the musical question, "I, too, love my mother-in-law and want to see her shine, but do you see me tryin' to push her loganberry wine?" "I don't mean to sound bitter," says Terr, who admits he has never tasted the relish. "It's in fun, but it was a matter of true irritation...I just thought only somebody with some power or pushiness or standing could get this thing on the air for 30 years." Terr plays bass guitar and sings, under the name Buddy Converse, with a friend who adds back-up harmony and what, with some generosity, could be called an "impression" of Stamberg. The chorus goes: "Shut up, Susan, go away, it won't be any loss, if we never hear again about your goddamn cranberry sauce." You can hear it at www.bluecanyonproductions.com/satire.html.

Terr admits that he was too muzzy with sleep when he wrote the song to recall that Stamberg's recipe is a relish, not a sauce. "I might have been able to rhyme relish. I might not have," he says.

Stamberg's recipe also inspired a non-musical how-to version by Monkey the stuffed monkey, viewable on this website, www.himonkey.net. (Photo: M.A. Pecen.)

Terr e-mailed Stamberg with the web link to his song, which also aired on Albuquerque's public station KUNM-FM. "Very funny," she wrote back. "Not WITTY, but funny." She also told Terr that this year's recipe rendition was her "swan song." (Stamberg was not available to confirm this.) Swan song is an apt turn of phrase, because, this year, NPR's listeners heard the relish recipe delivered not in Stamberg's distinctive voice, but by soprano Denise Konicek in the key of A minor. Konicek managed to imbue lines like "Makes 1-1/2 pints" with moving sorrow. Composer Rodney Lister of the New England Conservatory of Music, who wrote the song, provided piano accompaniment. Like Terr, the Muse struck Lister out of the blue. On his website (www.rodneylister.com) he explains that he decided to set the recipe to music after hearing last year's broadcast. He also encourages visitors to his site to let him know if they perform his song -- so keep an eye on your local concert listings for "Mama Stamberg's Cranberry Relish."

-Mike Janssen (c) 2000



Interview with Janine Jackson, host of "Counterspin" media watch radio program (www.FAIR.org), conducted at the Taos (NM) Talking Picture Festival April 13, 2003 by Jim Terr for community radio stations KSFR-FM (Santa Fe) and KUNM-FM (Albuquerque).(Total time: 7:52) Windows Media   Real Audio   MP3 download for use on radio.


1. Why is the White House press corps so timid and compliant, for the most part?

2. (at 1:56) Comment on the majority of the American public believing that Saddam Hussein was behind the 9-11 attacks despite the lack of any evidence.

3. (at 4:26) Comment on the observation of a former Oregon governor [John Kitzhaber? -- not 100% sure] that most politicans are more interested in getting re-elected than in taking a potentially unpopular stand on something they believe.

4. (at 5:53) Comment on politicians operating out of fear of "attack ads" which can twist almost any position into something negative and menacing.

(at 6:35) Why is National Public Radio not more of an "alternative" souce of news and commentary?



For a listing of most of the liberal radio available, see:
     and http://progressivetalkradio.blogspot.com/
              And congratulations to Air America Radio.
Visit the heroic archive of progressive radio shows, WhiteRoseSociety.org See what Garrison Keillor has to say on the subject!


Coming! New video:

Building a radio news capability to connect a community to itself. The "how" and "why" of local radio news reporting.
(This foundation-funded video is almost completed, and needs additional funding for completion and distribution).


Don't mess with the Kerrys...

"Alexandra K" sings!
"Daddy's October Surprise"

(2:58 + optional end with BuDDy, Alexandra, and the
good, trusting folks of Broken Bow, Neb., from NPR)

Real Audio  /  Windows Media  /  MP3 download

(Background on this song below)

Background info on "Daddy's October Surprise":

[ "What do you think is a possible October Surprise that Bush will announce in order to try to win a close election?" ]

What does "October Surprise" mean? Perhaps you are familiar with the original "October Surprise" in 1980? It was the plan executed by those who backed the Reagan campaign who set out to unseat Jimmy Carter by making a deal with the Iranians (through the CIA) to continue to hold American hostages beyond the 1980 November elections.

MORE: http://www.octobersurprise.net/history.html, www.SeptemberSurprise.com , many others.

Licorice—or Die
Do hamster-lovers care how differently the presidential candidates treated their family pets? Our columnist investigates

By Gersh Kuntzman Newsweek

Sept. 13 - Who would make a better president: A man who fought valiantly to save an innocent soul or a man who stood by as a defenseless being lost his life?

Oy, not the Vietnam War again. Don't worry. I'm going to reopen an even-deeper wound: The Hamster War. The battle began at the Democratic National Convention when Alexandra Kerry, candidate John Kerry's daughter, told what she obviously believed was a touching story of her heroic father. "We were standing on a dock waiting for a boat to take us on a summer trip," she said. "Our golden retriever got tangled in his leash and knocked the hamster cage off the dock. We watched as Licorice, the unlucky hamster, bubbled down to a watery doom. But my dad jumped in, fished the cage from the water, and began to administer CPR. "  MORE: http://msnbc.msn.com/id/5990127/site/newsweek/


"A day without an update or recommendation from Jim Terr is like a day without sunshine,
a night without stars, a party without guests, a pond without frogs, a dog without fleas,
a deer without ticks."

-Gershon Siegel, publisher, Eldorado Sun (Santa Fe)

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And how about a little something
for the LADIES??
It's no secret that “adult” sites are the biggest moneymaker on the Web, but half the population isn't being served! Our answer:

What's It All About, Ralphie?
Vocal by Joan Kessler

Real Audio   Windows Media   MP3 (1:20)

Lyrics / Info on various songs (updated very rarely):DRILL BABY Parody of Roy Orbison "Dream Baby"
© Jim Terr 2008
Keep drillin' baby, we'll hit a gusher maybe.
Keep drillin' baby, drilllll me til I scream.
Drill baby, onshore or offshore, I sure don't care.
Poke any piece of land enough times, you'll find oil there.
Don't ask when all this here drillin', will bring relief.
Drillin's good for drillin's sake anyway, that's my belief.
Keep drillin' baby, you'd have to be crazy
To think I'm too lazy, to keep drillin' full-steam.
Drill baby, we can't keep importin', that stuff forever
From those nasty Brazilians or Egyptians, or whatever.
Solar, wind and ethanol is ok, it's all good.
But geothermal you get it by drillin', so don't you think we should?
Keep drillin' baby. We'll send the Navy
If anybody tells my lady, drillin' ain't peaches and cream.

Drill baby keep that diamond bit sharp, til we hit black gold.
Prosperity is our destiny, say the books of old
At least that's what I think in my not-too-humble opinion.
Over ants & plants & fish & fossils & oil we've got dominion.
Keep drillin' baby, we'll hit a gusher maybe.
Keep drillin' baby, drilllll me til I scream.

SWIFTBOATIN' © 2008 Jim Terr
                                        (original "Barefootin'" 1966 Robert Parker)

People listen, I'll tell you true.
Barack Obama don't like the Jews.
He's a Muslim, a terr'rist freak,
Even if he's in church every week.
We're Swiftboatin', to effect the votin'.
No sugar coatin', we ain't jokin',
We're Swiftboatin'.
He'll make this country a hippie commune
Runnin' on fry grease and methane fumes.
Make your children learn Spanish too,
Make your mama eat Muslim food.

We're Swiftboatin', to effect the votin'.
From Minnesotans, to North Dakotans,
Dig the Swiftboatin'.
So if somebody disputes our facts
You know they just wanna grind their ax.
Don't watch too closely now while I weave
What you already wanna believe.

We're Swiftboatin', to effect the votin'.
No sugar coatin', cuz lyin' ain't verboten,
We're Swiftboatin'.

"Tony Trupiano campaign song"  "Please Mr. President"  
"He's a Godly Man"   "World Leaders at Play PSA"  "Don't Watch the Video"  

TONY TRUPIANO campaign song

Lyrics by Jim Terr / Blue Canyon Music BMI © 2006  
Song title suggested by Carolyn Kay
I used to hear Tony's talk show here in Santa Fe, and was always struck by his thoughtfulness and fairness. (Check any of the sound clips on his website). So when I heard from Caro that he was running for Congress, and had a good chance, and she even suggested a song title, well, I just felt I had to do one for Tony.
      I hope it rallies and encourages the troops. Even from out here in New Mexico, it would be heartening to have a guy like Tony in Congress. We ordinarily do jingles for a fee (100% win rate so far!), but glad to do this one for Tony!

It's not the job of a satire queen,
To help a particular candidate raise some green.
But we gotta help Tony Trupiano come through,
Won't you help make a red district blue?
Now Thad McCotter's not a vampire, you know,
But with a record like that, the guy's gotta go.
Iraq and phony ethics reform,
Thad's got his own little desert dust storm.

Tony talks from a heartfelt place
And that's why he's gonna win this race.
Tony will fight hard for Michigan's 11th.
So won't you be there for Tony on November 7th?

So throw a few bucks Tony's way,
Ask a few friends to listen to what he's got to say.
Carl Levin likes him -- Granholm, Stabenow and Dingell too.
So won't you make a red district blue?

Yeah doesn't "Congressman Tony" sound sweet to you?
Won't you help make a red district blue?

Please Mr. President

Jim Terr © 2006  Blue Canyon Music BMI
I've always been struck by the ignorance of callers to talk shows (both "right" and "left") who have never figured out that if you streamline the ability to arrest and prosecute the "bad guys," then that "bad guy" could be YOU if things are as fouled up and vindictive as they tend to be, or if the leaders you hate are in power next time.
      Not to mention the talk show hosts who don't point it out -- or who also haven't thought of it. Duh!
Please Mr. President, it couldn't-a been me,
I been a Dallas Cowboys fan since 1983.
I watch the NASCAR races, I drink from a can,
I got my NRA card, I hunt like a man.
So what am I doing in here? Must be a mistake of some sort,
Somebody wrote the name wrong when they took that report.
Please just ask my wife, you can call her at home.
I ain't one of the bad guys, I'm Rodney Malone.
Oh please, Mr. President, I voted for you,
Not just one time either, I think it was two.
I like the way you said that you would throw away the key
But there's been some kinda error, they came to get ME.
I need to call a lawyer to straighten this out.
No one in here knows or cares what I'm talking about.
When we threw out that habeus corpus and those trials, you see,
Wasn't that for the bad guys, not the good guys like me?
Please Mr. Prison Guard, don't beat me again.
Can't you see in other circumstances we could be friends?
Won't you let me call my lawyer? I can call him at home.
I ain't one of the bad guys, I'm Rodney Malone.

Those terrorists and protesters, they all hate the U.S.
And they should be gotten rid of, I agree that would be best.
But I thought there was some way that you would surely have known,
I ain't one of the bad guys, I'm Rodney Malone.
No, can't you see I'm one of the good guys? I'm Rodney Malone!

"He's a Godly Man"

Jim Terr © 2006  Blue Canyon Music BMIIt comes down to this for the "faithful," doesn't it? How many times have you exhausted every possible argument about what fk-ups this president and his crew are -- pursuing nothing that's in the interest of any ordinary, non-millionaire citizen, and screwing up everything they do try to do -- and it comes down to "Well, he's a Godly (Christian) man, so he's got my support" ? God help us!
      As the bumper sticker says, with leaders like this, who needs terrorists?
The world's so complicated, everywhere we're hated,
And not where we should, but where we're tryin' to do good.
You're overcome with doubt, You can't figure it all out,
You don't know who can lead us, who can protect and feed us. So when you're all confused, feel like you're bein used,
You can't get all the facts, you don't know how to act.
You need a man in charge whose outlook is large,
Don't you understand? We need a Godly man. And he's a Godly man, you know where he stands.
He'll lead ya by the hand, cuz he's a Godly man.

We're gettin into wars, ya hardly know what for.
You don't know what to read, you don't know what to believe.
You gotta trust that your leaders, ain't liars and wife-beaters,
That's why I stand, behind a Godly man.

And he's a Godly man, I know he's got a plan,
He's got the situation in hand, cuz he's a Godly man
. He's been a businessman, so he understands,
How to regulate factories, so everything's satisfactory.
And if he cuts down a forest, must be the best thing for us.
There must be something to it, or else he wouldn't do it.

Cuz he's a Godly man, and even if I don't understand,
I'm sure he's got a plan, cuz he's a Godly man.

"WORLD LEADERS AT PLAY" Public Service Announcement
Jim Terr © 2006 Blue Canyon Music BMI
No satire here. 100% serious. Does GWB have any friends? I hope so, but if he does he keeps them well-hidden.We've all had the realization at one time or another. The handsome, self-confident high school jock or the beautiful cheerleader we all look up to turns out to be the loneliest one in the crowd, with the biggest problems of all. Yes, it can be lonely at the top, and no less so for world leaders. Including YOUR world leader, upon whom you depend for your very survival, what with today's nuclear weapons and scores of other possible scenarios for global destruction. So when your president or prime minister has a chance to meet with other world leaders, to let his or her hair down and share a diet soda with others who hold the fate of their people in THEIR hands, we suggest you support and encourage these social opportunities. Whether it's staring deeply into the soul of a Russian president, conducting virtual war games with a British prime minister, visiting Graceland with an Elvis fan or finding common ground with a German chancellor, remember that world leaders are people too, and they benefit from human friendship and social interaction just like everyone else. In fact, they may not HAVE any other friends, and playing with other world leaders may be a valuable outlet and a great chance to learn to cooperate with others, just like it is for children.

So encourage your world leader to take every opportunity to socialize, to find out about other cultures, to learn to get along. They may say it's just getting to know people with whom they can do business, but we know it's much more important than that.

(to the tune of "Down By the Riverside")
Jim Terr © 7-06 Blue Canyon Music BMI
Man you GOT to see this video. It's incredible. It's all in there. It's got the REAL experts, and the music is really good. Scary. Inspiring. You'll know the Truth after you see this video, I swear to God!! (Pardon my cynicism, but I produce documentaries myself, so I know the potential for propagandizing...)If you don't wanna get yourself upset - DON'T WATCH THE VIDEO!
Make ya fret - (DWV) - make ya sweat - (DWV)
If your opinions are pretty firmly set - (DWV) (DWV)
If you ain't concerned about climate change - (DWV)
Tons of rain - (DWV) - hurricanes - (DWV)
If this heat wave don't seem mighty strange - (DWV) (DWV)
If you like to shoot off your automatic, and don't like your neighbors givin' you static, You better not watch the video….
The one where the NRA says they're tryin' to take your guns away,
They're just doin' it real sneaky and slow.
If you like your sirloin medium rare - (DWV)
It ain't fair (DWV) You don't care - (DWV)
About the slaughterhouse and what goes on down there (DWV)(DWV)
And if you think a plane hit the Pentagon - (DWV)
Skidded across the lawn - (DWV) just after dawn - (DWV)
I got this tape about how it was all a con. (DWV) (DWV)
If you think a fetus is a lifeless speck -- and only God knows if you're correct --
Don't pop in that DVD….
You'll see that little tadpole cryin', sayin' "Please don't kill me I'm just tryin
     to grow up to be all I can be!"

So if you don't wanna get your shorts in a knot - (DWV)
Get too hot (DWV) Have a brain clot (DWV)
Think them so-called experts don't know squat? (DWV) …..

If you have compliments or funding to offer,
Use subject line provided, or it probably won't be received.

KBAC extract - "Missile"

Cynthia Zucius 3636. Carter Zudick 3637. Frank X. Zullo 3638. Jennifer Zuniga 3639. Rosaline Zunlo 3640. Barbara Zusman

Obama can help sell books. When he's seen reading a book on a plane or carrying one in his hand during his travels,
it can create a stir. When Obama was photographed holding Fred Kaplan's Lincoln: The Biography of a Writer,
the book's sales bumped immediately, and requests for media interviews with the author surged.
Another time, Obama mentioned that he was reading a new book about Franklin Delano Roosevelt, causing a stir
at several different publishing houses — each of which offered titles on the former president.
(But this phenomenon does not seem to hold true for Jim Terr books.)


Busy Putting Burrs Under Saddles: See, Hear Jim Terr

By  on Sun, Sep 18, 2011

LAS VEGAS, N.M. – Conservative demagogues who are familiar with Jim Terr might ask, “Jim, why do you hate America so much?”Everyone else who has heard Terr’s twisted country tunes about our current national morass might wonder why he isn’t famous yet.Terr has been kicking around the music and film business ever since he graduated from Northwestern University in the early 1970s with a major in partying and a minor in English literature.While Terr has written some beautiful mainstream country tunes, he’s best-known for his novelty songs, which take on corporate greed, the NRA, menopause, Walmart, Glenn Beck, day trading, Santa Fe tourists, the American health care system, Joe the Plumber, Texas school board members, global warming, Karl Rove and Facebook.Have we left anything out?Oh, yes. Terr has also skewered common grammatical errors, the BP oil spill and NPR correspondent Susan Stamberg’s annual Thanksgiving piece on her mother-in-law’s cranberry relish recipe.“Believe me,” Terr assured me, “I’m an equal opportunity annoyer.”Terr, who has lived and worked in Santa Fe for most of his career, is back in his hometown of Las Vegas these days. Terr (rhymes with “burr” – as in burr under the saddle of just about everybody) has been on my radar screen for a couple of decades, mostly because of his profuse letter-to-the-editor offerings, but it was two of his most recent songs that persuaded me I needed to finally meet him.“The Campaign Finance Song” is a subversive little piece that takes on the fundraising system that keeps members of Congress chasing campaign contributions. Terr’s solution is for each of us to just kick in six bucks and eliminate the possibility of special interest influence.And “Standard & Poor” examines the economic slide of the upper middle class. “I guess I’ve been downgraded, now I’m standard and poor,” is the money line.Over coffee and papitas at the Spic & Span cafe, a short walk from his family home, Terr told me that finding targets for satire is as easy for him as tuning in to the news of the day or listening to people talk. His songbook grows thicker every day.“Since I’ve been in Vegas, I’ve been on a real amped-up song-writing streak,” Terr said. “Sometimes, I write a couple a day.”It’s not like there isn’t plenty of material out there for a willing satirist, and Terr sees something to get worked up about everywhere he looks.Indeed, Terr has a stunning array of songs and videos available on his websites, www.jimterr.com and www.bluecanyonsatire.com and on YouTube, where he recently passed 600,000 views. His oeuvre includes a spoof commercial spot for turquoise-encrusted jackalope droppings as well as “Chicken Stock,” a Jewish parody of Woodstock, and a rock ‘n’ roll song about a public health care option accompanied by singing hamsters.Which is to say he’s not exactly mainstream.Still, Terr put out a record called, “Please Cut My Song, Mr. Travis” and even though Mr. Travis has not yet complied, Terr hopes to someday write a country hit.Even though he has been aired on NPR and other nationwide radio broadcasts and he has released a handful of CDs, he says he barely makes a living writing and recording songs. His new CD, unreleased and as yet unnamed, is mostly comedy, only some of it political, and Terr said he’s tried to trim out the most partisan tracks.“It just cuts back your market to have songs about hating Republicans,” Terr acknowledged.Even so, the new CD will include “What We Need Is Another Texas President” and “Bosses of the World Unite.”And, for the record, Terr doesn’t really hate America. He just wants to keep it from flushing down the drain.“I don’t hate Republicans,” Terr assured me. “I’m anti-demagoguery and mass hysteria and so I attack it when I see it.”Terr also likes to take a break from politics and just have some fun. Two of his most popular recent releases are “Mama Don’t Send Me to the Big Box Store” and “Do They Have Email in Heaven?” The punch line to that tune, which could be the official anthem of the 2000s, is “cause if not, I don’t want to go.”

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